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Schools Out As We Glide Into The New Year With A Festive Trip...

Dec 30, 2022
2 min
On Wednesday 13th December, our pupils and teachers made their way to Central London to congregate for our most magical school trip to date. Beginning at Somerset House for a fun-filled ice adventure; before proceeding to a pizza party lunch and ending on a magnificent high at a showing of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at the West End's Gillian Lynne theatre.
Students enjoying lunch at Franco Manca

The spectacular Somerset House in London created the most extraordinary winter scene for our final school meetup of the year, as our students and teachers completed laps around the ice rink.

It was nothing short of impressive to see the resilience displayed by numerous pupils continuing to rise after a bump to the floor and the genuine belly laughter from all involved was the perfect soundtrack to our ice experience.

Post-skate, it was time to feast, so we headed over to Franco Manca to indulge in some freshly made Sourdough pizza before being transported to Narnia in an enchanting modern rendition of C S Lewis' classical tale; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

MVA students at Somerset House Ice rink

Our latest school trip brought pupils together from all year groups, with one teacher travelling from as far as Spain to get a slice of the festive action.

It's always a truly unique experience each time our growing community comes together off-screen, enabling our pupils and staff to enjoy quality time together beyond our award-winning virtual classroom.

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