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Welcome to MVA, a supportive and inclusive educational environment for SEND and neurodiverse students aged 11 - 18.
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Truly wonderful

I would like to express my thanks for the consideration given to A's needs and the support put in place for the school trip on Fri 21st Oct. The fact that A could head off onto the trip feeling confident in the support and care of the adults responsible for them is truly wonderful.

Shaping a Bright Future for Neurodiverse Thinkers

At MVA. our dedicated team, including our full-time SENDCO, Wayne, is committed to cultivating an inclusive and nurturing environment that recognises and celebrates the unique talents of all our students. We take pride in our customised educational approach, ensuring that every student is empowered and set up for success. Here's how we bring this ethos to life:

Learn at your own pace

We offer students the time and freedom to tailor their school day around their needs and environment. Need the morning off live lessons? No problem.

Inclusive community

We're a diverse bunch and proud of it - experience an inclusive and supportive community that celebrates and champions neurodiversity and unique learning styles.

Dedicated Support

Your personal mentor - with experience assisting neurodiverse students - will provide weekly 121 support tailored to your individual learning style, helping you achieve academic success and personal development.

Global Community

Be part of a vibrant global of student that felt marginalised at their previous schools but now feel welcomed and happy.

Accessibly learning

Extracurricular workshops, regular school trips, after-school clubs and guest lectures, are all optional and will allow you to develop key social skills.

Professional help, if required

Wayne our full time SENDCO and his team provide additional support for Children with specific needs. You can also boost your learning with bespoke 1-on-1 plans with specialist SEND tutors.

Book SEND Discovery Call for Diverse Thinkers

How does MVA help SEND pupils?

We're reimagining school so neurodiverse children can thrive. With a greater emphasis on self-study supported by SEND personal mentors, students can manage their dy in a way that suits them best.

What is the MVA curriculum?

You'll be immersed in the comprehensive British International curriculum, studying the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3, iGCSEs, and international A Levels. In addition, we also run a BTEC in esports for Sixth Form students.

How many lessons per day?

On top of the self-study on our Virtual Learning Platform, you'll dive into two to three Live Lessons with our brilliant subject teachers each day. You're not just learning - you're engaging, asking questions, and delving deep into your subjects!

Can I re-watch Live Lessons?

Missed a lesson? No worries at all. All our Live Lessons are recorded, so you can catch up or review anytime you like. Now, how's that for flexibility!

What are the students at MVA like?

They are an eclectic thriving community of students from over 40 countries, each bringing their unique flair to our vibrant community. From the neurodiverse to the champion athletes, the globe-trotters to the gifted academics. Or just the children who want to be happy after years of bullying and mental turmoil at their previous school

How do I join?

It's super simple to switch from traditional school to MVA. Head over to the Admissions section of our website - we can't wait to welcome your child!