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The best decision

I recently moved my 14yr old into Minerva's Virtual Academy. It has been the best decision. It is not only the kids that are challenged to think creatively but the teachers too, with wellness and social playing a big part in the curriculum.

How To Join

We're thrilled you're considering Minerva's Virtual Academy! To get started, book a Family Discovery Call here, or head straight to the MVA Enrolment Form.

Once your form is complete and the deposit is paid, our Student Onboarding Team will be in touch to set your child up with everything they need to start their first Monday Assembly, then we'll take it from there!
How soon can my child join MVA?

Your child can join at the beginning of the next term, or midway through the current term at one of our rolling intake days.

What is the Admissions process like?

Our Admissions process begins with getting to know your family and your child's past education history, so that we can put together the best plan for their future. After initial contact, you'll be asked to complete the MVA Enrolment Form, and then our Student Onboarding Team will guide your child through the steps to get started.

Live Admissions Status

Stay up-to-date with our current admission availability and find out when your child can next join MVA.
💡 Updated 02/01/2024
We are currently accepting students into Years 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 to join us for the 2023/4 academic year.
💡 Updated 23/02/2024
Minerva's Virtual Academy is delighted to announce our upcoming enrolment deadlines and start dates for the latter part of the academic year. The upcoming intake periods are as follows:

The next main intake date is the start of the Summer term on 15th April. The deadline to enrol is 2nd April, 12pm.

New Family Orientation is planned for 9th to 11th April, and Live Lessons officially start on 15th April.

Students in Year 10 and Year 12 can join us before then, with Early Canvas Access and an Induction Mentor, on 18th March (Deadline 12th March).

Beyond that, the intake dates are as follows:

Summer Term 2nd Intake: Enrolment closes on Tuesday, 16th April, 12pm. We will conduct our Orientation from 23rd to 25th April, with Live Lessons beginning on 29th April.

Summer 2nd 3rd Intake: Our final intake for the season has an enrolment deadline of Tuesday, 21st May, 12pm. The Orientation will be held from 28th to 30th May, and Live Lessons commence on 3rd June.

Prospectus Request

Our prospectus provides a comprehensive overview of life at Minerva's Virtual Academy, including our innovative approach to education, our highly qualified teachers and mentors, and the personalised support and guidance we offer to every student.
Request the MVA Prospectus

Admissions FAQ

Here is a selection of our most commonly-asked questions. Please get in touch if you have more!
Do you have any entry criteria?

We actively welcome pupils of all academic abilities at MVA.

All we ask is that your child:

  • is the right age (aged 12 - 18)
  • is willing to become a good ‘self-studier’ (don't worry, this is a skill we can teach - a desire for a fresh start is often all that’s needed!)
  • has a basic level of spoken and written English (see below)

We may ask for your child’s previous school reports to help our teachers and mentors transition them into our style of learning.

I'm joining from outside the UK, what do I need to know?
Switching to the British Curriculum from a foreign curriculum (e.g. IB or the American system) is usually fairly straightforward. Sometimes, we may advise that pupils move up or down a year group to reflect how academically advanced they are for their age. These recommendations are always made with your child’s best interests in mind.  You can join MVA from any country in the world where homeschooling is legal (see here for a full list). We recommend studying from within 5 hours of GMT for the best experience.
Can I try a Live Lesson?
We run regular Live Lesson Experiences for prospective parents and pupils to see exactly what subject lessons with our brilliant teachers. They take place on Google Meet and last 30 - 45 mins. To book your place at an upcoming Live Lesson, please head here.
Can we demo your Virtual Learning Platform (VLP)
Yes! Get in touch!


Please head here to view the annual MVA fees.