Teachers and Mentors, the ultimate collaboration

In a world where 'one-size-fits-all' approaches to education are common, MVA breaks the mould with our unique blend of talented teachers and dedicated mentors. Our teachers deliver world-class education, while our mentors provide one-to-one Self Study support and personal guidance, ensuring no student falls behind. Many of our teachers also serve as mentors, fostering an integrated, supportive community that promotes academic achievement and personal growth for every student.


Music Teacher & Mentor
Experience: Former Director of Music

After an early career working as a news editor at the BBC and at Channel 4, Sky, and ITV, Nic qualified as a teacher in 2004 and subsequently became Director of Music at two leading Independent day schools. He joins MVA as our first (and a highly-accomplished!) music teacher. Nic is also part of our unique Mentoring team.  

The organ!


Experience: Former Head of Department, Former Head of Year, PE Teacher

Nicola has been a teacher of Physical Education for 22 years, including four years spent teaching in the Middle East. At her previous schools, she has been a Head of Department before becoming Head of Year and brings a lifetime of senior pastoral experience and passion for the outdoors to the MVA mentoring team. Nicola is on a mission to use her passions to empower young people to be the best they can be.

Fitness, Outdoor life, Swimming, Skiing

Clare M

Maths Teacher & Mentor
Past Experience: Maths Teacher & Exam Marker

Clare has a strong background in Mathematics with a degree in the subject and 12 years of experience as a Maths teacher. She has worked as a form tutor and has been a marker of A Level math papers for Pearson exam board. She brings a unique and highly creative approach to maths teaching, helping her students develop a passion and respect for all things numerical.

Painting, Yoga, Sea-swimming


Geography Teacher, Mentor, & SEND Assistant
Experience: Former Head of Geography, Examiner, Dyslexia Support Worker

Katy has taught in top UK schools for the past 12 years, recently winning the Geographical Association Award for Excellence as a Head of Geography. She has experience as an examiner for OCR, AQA and Pearson and as a Dyslexia Support Worker. With her love of Geography stemming from a young age, Katy moved to online teaching to champion the benefits of a truly 'global' classroom.

Rescuing animals!


Biology Teacher
Experience: Teacher, BSc, PGCE 

After obtaining a BSc Hons in Biochemistry and a PGCE in Secondary Science, Laxmi has spent six years teaching both GCSE and A Level Biology. Her first 4 years teaching were spent as Head of KS3 Science in London before embarking on a year in Spain as subject lead for Science and Mathematics. She joins MVA to teach Biology to our growing international pupil base. 

Climbing, Running and Skating


English Teacher & Mentor
Experience: Former Head of Department, Former Assistant Head

Matthew is a seasoned English teacher with 15 years of experience, including roles as Head of Department and Assistant Head at his first Independent school. He brings his considerable expertise to MVA and has additional international experience teaching in northeastern Spain. He encourages all MVA students to read widely and leads by example to promote the importance of reading in the digital age.

books, evidence-based education pedagogy 🤓


Young Entrepreneurs Club
Experience: Business Studies Teacher, Master of Business and Management, PGCE

David is a versatile and accomplished teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching Business Studies, English and Drama, and holds multiple educational accolades including a bachelors, PGCE, and a masters degree. He has conducted research on entrepreneurship and business operations across Europe and America, bringing a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to MVA's budding entrepreneurs.

William Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, Contemporary playwrights


English Teacher & Mentor
Experience: Former Head Tutor at Minerva Tutors, EFL teacher

Emily is a highly qualified EFL teacher with 12 years of teaching and mentoring experience, including developing personalised curricula in schools internationally and working as a homeschooling tutor for Minerva Tutors. She has taught thousands of hours in a wide variety of subjects, and, as a mentor, has a particular interest in helping students find their motivation and develop a growth mindset in their learning.

Art Quilting (painting with thread)


Experience: Therapies & Techniques Trained, Chemistry Teacher

Claire is an experienced and accomplished teacher and mentor with over 20 years of experience in both academic teaching and pastoral mentoring. She brings her expertise in working with students who have SEMH needs, writing EHCP applications, and knowledge of various therapies and techniques to help young people cope with and navigate the challenges of teenage life. As an MVA mentor, she is dedicated to instilling confidence and building self-esteem in our students.



History Teacher, Global Citizenship Teacher & Mentor
Experience: International Teacher

Alex is a highly experienced and well-traveled teacher and mentor, having taught in multiple locations internationally, including Ontario, the Arctic, and Italy. He holds a Masters in Education from the University of Bath and joins MVA as a mentor, History, and global citizenship teacher. He uses his extensive international experiences and world-class lessons to help students gain a broader perspective and understanding of the world around them.

Plays the fiddle and mandolin in a folk/jazz trio


Geography Teacher & Mentor
Experience: Geography Teacher

Alexia is a highly experienced and accomplished teacher, having qualified in 2000 and successfully tutored students from 11+ up to A Level. One of her home-schooled students recently achieved the highest mark in the world for IGCSE Geography! She has recently relocated to Cumbria and shares the idyllic hills via virtual field trips to bring immersive Geography lessons to MVA.

Dolly Parton superfan 💃

Laura T

English Teacher, Mentor & DSL
Experience: Former Deputy Head (Pastoral), Former Assistant Head, Former Head of English

Laura is an experienced English teacher and school leader with over 20 years of experience. She has recently focused on working as a part-time tutor of English at KS2, KS3, GCSE, and A-Level, as well as supporting EAL students and those who are homeschooled. She is passionate about supporting students, developing their confidence, and helping them excel in all areas of life. Additionally, she also holds the role as our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Baking + holding claim to the best chocolate brownies in the world

Laura B

Computer Science Teacher & Mentor
Experience: Teacher

With over 22 years of experience teaching in a variety of State and Independent Schools, Laura has taught a range of subjects including ICT, Computer Science, Online Safety, and Digital Literacy from Reception to 6th Form. She has spent her entire career teaching in the place she loves most: Devon, including schools in Plymouth, Exeter, and Mid Devon.

The radio, baking


Chemistry Teacher & Mentor
Experience: Science Teacher, Form Tutor, Lab Technician

Cheryl is a seasoned Science teacher with 12+ years of experience in various educational settings in the UK and Spain. She's been a form tutor, science teacher and recently spent 3 years teaching in a private international school in Spain. She's a dedicated teacher, helping students achieve their best in exams and bring her hands-on experience from professional science labs to her classes!

Cheryl is pondering her interests and will let us know!


Computer Science Teacher
Experience: Deputy Head in Kenya, Head Teacher in Oman, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation

Jo is a fantastic computer science teacher with 19 years of teaching experience. She has held leadership roles including Deputy Head in Kenya, Head of KS4 and KS5 and Head of a primary school in Oman. Currently, she is the Head of Digital Learning and Innovation in a prestigious school in Dubai. With a background from North Wales, she has spent most of her career overseas, and has a unique perspective to bring to her teaching.

Wildlife in Nairobi Kenya


Religious Studies Teacher and Mentor
Experience: Housemistress, Head of PSHE, Life coach

Izzy is a Religious Studies teacher with 12 years of experience at a private girls' school in Surrey. She held leadership roles as Housemistress for 5 years and Head of PSHE for 2 years, and also taught KS3 Drama. Izzy has a passion for teaching both GCSE and A-level RS and is excited by the philosophical and ethical dimensions of the IGCSE course MVA runs. She is also a qualified life coach, using her skills to help her mentees achieve their full potential in their studies and in life.

Loves amateur dramatics!


Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Experience: PGCE, QTS, Head of French

Andrea is a multi-lingual teacher with 18 years of experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language, French, German, Spanish, and Modern Greek. She holds a degree from Oxford University and a PGCE, and is fluent in five languages. She has held leadership roles in schools and has experience in preparing students for Oxbridge entrance interviews and applications.

Greek Dancing


Physics Teacher and Mentor
Experience: Masters in Astrophysics, Teacher

Chris is a highly-qualified Physics teacher, holding a Masters degree in Astrophysics. He has taught at prominent international schools in Beijing, Switzerland and Prague. He finds physics fascinating and emphasises the development of problem-solving skills in his students. Additionally, he encourages critical thinking and skepticism among his students, fostering a learning environment that extends beyond the subject matter.



History Teacher, Head of Year 10
Experience: Teacher

Jamie is a well-traveled teacher with experience in the UK, Germany, Vietnam and with students worldwide. He holds a BA in History and an MA in Medieval History from Durham University and a PGCE from Canterbury Christchurch University. Jamie brings a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge to his classroom and his passion for Flipped Learning inspired him to leave traditional school and seek us out!

Flipped Learning, Philosophy, Politics, Music