Join a school that supports your passions and career...

Devote more time to your passions with the world's most flexible school for 11 - 18 year olds. If you're learning backstage or on the road, that works with us! Study the British Curriculum at Key Stage 3, GCSE, BTEC, A Level, wherever you are.
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More time for artists to learn and grow

At MVA, we understand that pursuing your artistic passion often means a hectic schedule of rehearsals, performances, and studio time. That's why we've designed a school that you can take with you on the go - and fully integrates into your creative commitments.

More time to create

We offer students the time and freedom to tailor their school day around their artistic endeavours. Need the morning off? No problem.

Better balance & independece

At MVA, we'll support our students every step of the way and help them balance their academic and creative pursuits.

Dedicated support

Every MVA student benefits from a personal who helps them manage their school work and support their passions, too.

Communication skills

Be part of a vibrant global network of creatives and artist who have chosen MVA to spend more time on their goals.

Cultural immersion

With guest speakers, extracurricular workshops, and regular cultural events, you'll be at the heart of our creative community.

Extra tutoring available

Boost your learning with our additional tutoring options and bespoke 1-on-1 plans to maximise your progression.

I have three pieces of advice for aspiring musicians. First, the more you do, the better you get. So just keep doing it. Second, networking… keep reaching out to people from labels, managers, other artists and other musicians to work with. Three, join Minerva’s Virtual Academy. That's number three.

Victor Vernicos, MVA Y11
MVA Pupil, 16 Year Old Greek Eurovision Contestant, International Popstar, over 1 Million Streams on Spotify

How does MVA help artists?

We're reimagining school so artists and performers can focus on their passions and careers whilst still staying on track academically. With a greater emphasis on self-study, you can manage your day in a way that suits you best.

What is the curriculum?

You'll be immersed in the comprehensive British curriculum, studying the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3, iGCSEs, and international A Levels. For the gamers among you, we offer a BTEC in esports in Sixth Form.

How many lessons per day?

On average, you'll dive into two to three Live Lessons with our brilliant subject teachers each day. You're not just learning - you're engaging, asking questions, and delving deep into your subjects!

Can I re-watch Live Lessons?

Missed a lesson? No worries at all. All our Live Lessons are recorded, so you can catch up or review anytime you like. Now, how's that for flexibility!

What are the students at MVA like?

From future Grand Slam tennis players to West End performers and high-achieving academics, our students hail from over 40 countries, each bringing their unique flair to our vibrant community.

How do I join?

It's easy to switch from traditional school to MVA. Head over to the Admissions section of our website - we can't wait to welcome you!