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From glowing parent testimonials to our awards and accreditation status, take a look around the endorsements that highlight our school's ongoing commitment to excellence.

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MVA is a Cambridge International accredited school, which means we're recognised as being a world-class education institution that's committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning.

The accreditation process praised our virtual school model, and, in addition, provides us access to an expansive network of global resources, bolstering our educational offerings for the benefit of all our students.

Are online schools accredited by OFSTED in the UK?

As we await the UK government's launch of the Online Education Accreditation Scheme (OEAS), Minerva's Virtual Academy (MVA) continues to maintain our high standards of education, as demonstrated by our Cambridge International accreditation. We are ready to engage promptly with the OEAS for official accreditation once the scheme is operational, at which point we will be OFSTED-accredited.

The latest information on the UK Government's progress can be found below, last updated on March 20th 2023:


Update on DFE Regulation - 05/2023

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is now entering Phase 2 of the Online Education Accreditation Scheme (OEAS).

We are doing everything we can to support the DfE in finalising this process, and we hope to have more news to share in the next 6 months.



Ms Carol Anne Doherty
MVA Parent
Amber is now in her fourth week at MVA and I am totally amazed! As you may know from the background information I gave to admissions at her enrolment, her education since March 2020 has been severely disrupted, not only with Covid (along with her whole generation) but also being faced with some very challenging circumstances within the independent and State education sectors - all of which also took a toll on her personal development, confidence and motivation. However, over the past three weeks, Amber has completely turned a corner. She is excited about learning again. She’s growing in confidence every day and she finds MVA, its learning system, the support she receives from your staff and the whole ethos and structure behind it practical, stimulating and enjoyable. It’s a huge relief to me and I am confident if she continues on the path she’s now on at MVA, she has the tools she needs to do well in her GCSEs and I'm able to support her. Thank you