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MVA Family Day at Alexandra Palace: A Celebration of Community

Jul 10, 2023
2 min

The MVA Summer Family Meet-Up at Alexandra Palace Park marked a significant day for our online school community. It was a day when families from our virtual classrooms came together, providing a fantastic opportunity to meet in person and strengthen the bonds formed online.

Our adventure started with the Go Ape experience. Here, parents and children took part in the treetop courses, navigating the challenges together. This activity was more than just an adventure; it was a chance for families to collaborate and encourage each other in a fun and engaging setting. The shared experience of tackling the courses brought everyone closer, creating a lively and supportive atmosphere.

We then enjoyed a giant picnic, a relaxed and enjoyable time for families to mingle. Set against the backdrop of Alexandra Palace's scenic park, this was the perfect setting for parents to share experiences while children played and made new friends. This informal gathering was a vital moment of the day, as it allowed everyone to connect and build relationships beyond the screen.

In the afternoon, the ice skating session added another layer of enjoyment. As families took to the ice, the rink was filled with laughter and playful challenges (Headmaster Lawrence Tubb took us all by surprise with his gliding skills ;) ). 

As the day came to a close, it was clear that the MVA Family Day Out had been a great success. It offered a tangible experience of the community spirit that characterises our online school. The event reminded us that while our school may operate in a virtual space, the connections and friendships formed are very much real and meaningful.

We're already looking forward to future events where we can come together, celebrate our community, and create more memorable experiences.

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