Join the world's most unique Sixth Form, and take on the world...

Join our ambitious, independent students who are learning the UK curriculum with zero restrictions from 40+ countries around the world, and who are already making an impact on the world.

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Watch our Sixth Form 2024 Graduation ceremony for Year 13 leavers.

In 2024, MVA Sixth Form students have secured offers from UK universities including Glasgow University, York University, Southampton University, Durham University, University of Leeds, Bolton University, Derby University, University of Nottingham, Queen Mary University, University of Edinburgh. Internationally, we have a student accepting an unconditional offer to the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), one on a prestigious sports scholarship to the United States, and one pursuing the European Diplom+ qualification.

Sixth Form, without boundaries...

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Meet Suzsanne Lindley, our Headteacher 👉
What could you achieve with more time, more flexibility?

We're an award-winning virtual school, which means we're different to most other schools.

Our curriculum is designed for the 21st Century. It can be studied from anywhere in the world. We champion the athletes, the entrepreneurs, the artists, the very brightest, and anyone who needs extra help.

Welcome to school, the MVA way.

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We handpick our teachers from the UK's top schools.

Join us from anywhere
We'll get you somewhere

Perfect for explorers, entrepreneurs, and independent learners. We teach the British Curriculum wherever you are, wherever you're going.

Countries our students live in worldwide


Of students live in the UK


Student community, growing everyday

What will you achieve with MVA?

Find your Entrepreneurial Edge

Venture beyond traditional academic boundaries with MVA. Our flexible and robust curriculum encourages entrepreneurial spirit, fosters innovative thinking, and equips you with the skills necessary to launch your own business. With MVA, your educational journey and entrepreneurial dreams go hand-in-hand.

Discover Global Learning

MVA's global virtual campus means you can learn from anywhere in the world, turning every new location into a classroom. Expand your cultural understanding, learn new languages, and make international friends, all while working towards your A levels.

Level Up Your Career Prospects

Join our unique BTEC esports programme and transform your gaming passion into a rewarding career. Gain industry-relevant qualifications and practical insights into the rapidly evolving esports landscape. With MVA, enter the dynamic esports industry with confidence and prowess.

Your Bridge to Higher Education

Whether it's Oxbridge, Ivy League, or any other university around the globe, MVA's rigorous British curriculum and dedicated support team will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and academic credentials to succeed in your university applications.

Flexibility for Your Passion / Career

If you're an aspiring athlete or artist, MVA's flexible schedule allows you to keep up with rigorous training or practice sessions without compromising your education. Our unique approach supports the development of your talent alongside your academic growth, fostering well-rounded success.

From A Levels to esports to AI
It's the Best of British Education, upgraded

A Levels
3 A Levels included as standard

Benefit from a broad yet intensive study of three A Level subjects, forming a solid foundation for your academic and professional future.

esport BTEC
Optional 2 year BTEC

Dive into the world of esports with our unique BTEC programme, designed to get you employed in this rapidly growing industry.

Careers & Enrichment
'After MVA' guidance & mentoring

Our enrichment activities provide you with skills and experiences beyond the curriculum, setting you up for a successful and balanced life.

Samuel has really enjoyed attending Minerva’s Virtual Academy this year...

We are very happy with the progress he has made—both academic and social—since he started last September. We are confident that the Minerva A level program will prepare him well for his engineering career.

Mrs Lawton

MVA Parent, Year 12

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