World Changer Programme

Years 9, 10, 11
Every Week

The "World Changer" programme at MVA is a unique, co-curricular learning experience that challenges students to come up with innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems.

It forms part of a wider enrichment programme that aims to motivate and inspire our students to create positive change in their communities and beyond.

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Year 9


Sixth Form

More like a school community

We chose Minerva because of their whole school approach, the fact there are assemblies, World Changers and after school opportunities make it feel more like a school community...

What is "World Changers?"

The "World Changer" programme at MVA is a unique, co-curricular learning programme that challenges our students to come up with solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems.

How are the sessions run?

These hour-long weekly sessions are run in partnership with outside organisations to give our students a real sense of how the world works and thinks.

What is the purpose of the Programme?

The programme aims to encourage our pupils to think beyond what they may have thought themselves capable of and to develop collaborative working skills for a safer, fairer future.

How do students complete work?

Through a combination of self-directed research and collaborative problem-solving. The program culminates in a showcase event where students present their ideas to a wider audience.

Does it count towards a qualification?

Although the 'World Changer' programme does not count towards a specific qualification, the skills and knowledge gained can greatly support students in their academic and personal growth. Additionally, participation in the programme can enhance students' resumes and applications for work experience and higher education.

Did I hear your students won a Global Space prize?

Yes, two of our students won a global school prize through World Changers - their science experiment will blast to space in 2024 on a Space X rocket! Read all about it here.

Previous examples:

Human rights

Led by a former UN Human Rights Researcher, our students learned about the origin of human rights and grappled with complex issues such as how certain issues and cases can be prioritised over others. Students explored case studies of human rights abuses around the world, saw examples of how countries reacted to these cases, engaged with the ethical frameworks that governed these responses, and were challenged to come up with their own ideas and suggestions.

International Space Station Educational Trust

Students learned about life and conditions on the International Space Station, how to make hypotheses and conduct reliable experiments, and worked in groups to design experiments to test these hypotheses. The project aim was to create a hypothesis and plan an experiment to improve life for humanity on or off this planet that could be conducted in microgravity conditions on the ISS, which would then be entered into the STEM-X Launch Prize.


We partnered with Zoolab, the UK's leading ethical animal encounters company, to provide our students with a unique learning experience. Through a series of workshops throughout the term, students had the opportunity to engage and interact with live animals on camera, while learning about topics such as Biomimetics, Symbiosis, and Human Impacts on the Environment.


Pupils assisted a climate action start-up in developing a prototype gamified app to help young people help in the fight for increased carbon efficiency in their homes.