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Such a positive experience...

Emily has never ever spoken positively about any of her school life so thank you to you and the teachers who have made this first week such a positive experience for Emily.

Personal mentoring for every student

Access real support whatever difficulties your child has been facing, and let's move on together.

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Since the pandemic, it's become clear that traditional school is not the right fit for every child.

At MVA, we launched the "Class of 10000" campaign to highlight just how many children are facing difficulties.

It's also not right for all teachers. MVA brings everyone together, providing opportunity where there wasn't before.

Why it matters

Children currently 'school refusing' in the UK
We're campaigning for wider recognition of this issue

The Benefits of MVA: Georgina's Perspective

Lauren's Story

Meet Our Teachers

Teachers from across the country are joining MVA to provide care and qualitiy teaching to all those students being left behind by traditional schooling.

I cannot quantify what a positive experience this has been...

I would like to thank you for hosting an amazing meet up at the end of last term. Georgina had been engaging with fellow students online and was excited to meet them in person. I cannot quantify what a positive experience this has been for her and by default me. Georgina has struggled with friendships in the school environment for many years and was severely bullied ... When she met with the Minerva students it was so positive - they all seemed to gel, there was no unpleasantness, awkwardness or one upmanship. She stayed the night before at Grace's home and I had a great deal of contact with her family before who were so kind and welcoming. She was literally euphoric and I have not seen her so happy in years ... She spent a lovely time with Emily, Roland and Sam too. We are trying to keep our feet on the ground but are so hopeful this positive experience will continue. We hope to make further plans for meetups soon... our experience has been so positive

Lauren Hotson
Mother of Georgina, Edinburgh

So lucky to have found you...

My husband and I feel very lucky to have found Minerva; it is certainly been a hugely positive journey for our family! I also know of another Parent who recently joined who feels the same. If you would like me to put you in touch with her, let me know. Seeing education from another side has restored my faith. There are many different ways to reach the same destination, and education is not a one-size fit. What you are building will pave the way for the changes in education that are desperately needed.

Philippa Iles
Mother of Florrie, Cornwall

I am totally amazed...

Amber is now in her fourth week at MVA and I am totally amazed! As you may know from the background information I gave to admissions at her enrolment, her education since March 2020 has been severely disrupted, not only with Covid (along with her whole generation) but also being faced with some very challenging circumstances within the independent and State education sectors - all of which also took a toll on her personal development, confidence and motivation. However, over the past three weeks, Amber has completely turned a corner. She is excited about learning again. She’s growing in confidence every day and she finds MVA, its learning system, the support she receives from your staff and the whole ethos and structure behind it practical, stimulating and enjoyable. It’s a huge relief to me...

Carol Docherty
Mother of Amber, London

How we help build confidence & trust


Unlike other schools, every student at MVA is assigned a personal mentor to help them overcome issues and achieve their goals

Inspiring teachers

We're fortunate to have applications from hundreds of teachers, meaning we can fill our staff room with those who really care about making a difference to every student

Inclusive community + school trips

We're a school of the future, and we pack our terms with exciting trips and talks

Ask us a question!

How does MVA help students with social anxiety or low self-esteem?

MVA provides a safe and nurturing environment where students can learn at their own pace. Our experienced teachers offer personalised support, and the online community fosters connections and friendships among students.

Can my child receive additional support or one-on-one sessions if needed?

Yes, MVA offers additional support and one-on-one sessions to ensure students receive the help they need. Our teachers work closely with students to address their individual needs and help them succeed.

How do students at MVA build friendships and connections with peers?

MVA encourages social interaction through online discussion forums, group projects, and virtual events. Students can connect with their peers during live lessons, collaborate on assignments, and participate in extracurricular activities.

How can I get involved in the Class of 10,000 campaign?

To join the Class of 10,000 campaign, visit our website or contact our team for more information. We'll provide details on upcoming events, initiatives, and ways you can support our efforts to raise awareness and help students in need across the UK.