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MVA's Christmas Meet-Up: Good Times and Great Company

Dec 16, 2023
2 min

The MVA Christmas Get-Together wasn't just an event but a celebration of our vibrant online community, bringing to life the connections we've nurtured virtually. The day was a beautiful blend of art, laughter, and shared experiences, reinforcing the bonds we've formed throughout the year.

We started at the Courtauld Gallery, where, instead of just looking at art, we made it our playground for sketching. Seeing everyone’s different takes on the classic pieces was pretty cool. There was no pressure, just a bunch of us hanging out with pencils in hand, getting our creative juices flowing.

Next up was the ice rink at Somerset House. Sure, not all of us were destined for the Winter Olympics, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. There was a lot of clinging to the sides, a few graceful moves, and a whole lot of laughing. It was less about nailing the perfect pirouette and more about having a laugh.

The gingerbread men baked by our Year 11s were a hit. Baking them together online and then sharing them in person added a nice touch to the day. Plus, they were delicious, so no complaints there!

Pizza at Franco Manca was where everyone got to catch their breath, fill up on some good food, and chat about the day so far. It was laid-back and just what we needed after all that skating. We wrapped up the day with 'Six the Musical'. It was lively, fun, and the perfect high note to end on. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show, and it was an excellent way to round off a day full of activities.

All in all, the MVA Christmas Get-Together was a success. It was about stepping away from the screens, spending quality time together, and enjoying the moment. These little meet-ups make our online community feel even more like a family.

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