Wellbeing Programme

All Ages

Our Wellbeing Programme goes beyond traditional education and empowers students to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

With a focus on mental and physical wellbeing, the programme provides tools to manage anxiety and stress and prepares students to flourish in the wider world.

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Meet Suzanne, leading the way with Wellbeing

After arriving at MVA from a long career at traditional school, Deputy Head Pastoral Suzanne Lindley has created the unique MVA Wellbeing Programme to promote positive mental and physical health for all our students.

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What's involved in the MVA Wellbeing Programme?

Each week, students participate in the hour-long Wellbeing Programme session on Google Meet, which fits seamlessly into the MVA timetable alongside Live Lessons and self-study. The programme is part of a wider "whole-school" approach to teaching and promoting health and wellbeing, designed to positively impact our students' personal and academic growth.

Health & Wellbeing

Learning about the basics of physical and mental health and the connection between the two.


Understanding how we form all kinds of different relationships and the differences between them.

Living in the Wider World

Insight and strategies to help with daily life outside MVA.

"The staff clearly work to promote wellbeing amongst the children... [my child's] original secondary school were not interested in her well being and Minerva has been a life line for her."

Mrs Coldwell, Year 10 MVA Parent, May 2022

What is the Wellbeing Programme?

The Wellbeing Programme is a yearly series of hour-long sessions that help MVA students develop skills related to personal development, emotional intelligence, anxiety management, and communication.

Who runs the Programme?

The Programme is run by our experienced Wellbeing team, led by Deputy Head Pastoral, Suzanne Lindley. For a full interview with Suzanne on her role at MVA and the importance of the Wellbeing Programme, head here.

What are the Programme's aims?

The MVA Wellbeing Programme aims to help students manage their own health, relationships, and online life, whilst broadly promoting a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges.

When do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place during the standard MVA timetable for an hour each week.

Do you cover Social Media use in the programme?

Yes! We cover Social Media use in the programme, with a focus on responsible usage and digital well-being.

Which age-groups can take part?

The MVA Well-Being Programme is available for all students in Key Stage 3 (Year 9), Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11), and Key Stage 5 (Years 12 & 13). The KS3 programme helps students successfully manage diverse relationships, their online lives, and the increasing influence of peers and the media. Students in Key Stage 4 deepen their knowledge and understanding, while those in Key Stage 5 are prepared for managing their current lives and future experiences. The content of the programme is relevant to each age group and based on experiential learning.