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Twice each term, we run highly popular school trips to destinations across the UK, bringing our whole school community together for a day of education and adventure.

From code-breaking escapades at Bletchley Park to mixing theatre and ice-skating in London's bustling cityscape, we're take learning out of the classroom and into the world!

School trips

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What are School Trips?

School trips are in-person educational outings organised by MVA, allowing our students to meet, interact, and learn beyond the virtual classroom.

Are they compulsory?

No, school trips are not compulsory. They are optional, and for some students (like Georgina - watch her story) they represent a real milestone, as they are always a fantastic day out.

Where do the trips take place?

Trips typically take place at various cultural, historical, and entertainment venues around the UK. Locations have included Bletchley Park, London, Birmingham, and York, among others.

Do they happen overnight?

Currently, our trips are day trips, but we are excited to introduce overnight residential trips starting next year.

Who runs the trips?

Our trips are primarily run by our Headmaster Lawrence, who very much enjoys planning a day outside the staff room! Lawrence is support by MVA teachers and mentors who equally enjoy their moments to meet their students in person.

Are there plans for trips outside the UK?

Absolutely, we have plans for future trips outside the UK. Europe is on the horizon - so watch this space!

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