Minerva's Virtual Academy Partners With Edge Golf College

Jun 15, 2023
2 minutes

Minerva's Virtual Academy is delighted to announce its latest partnership with Edge Golf College.

MVA and Edge Golf College's partnership is a significant step towards supporting young golfers who aspire to excel in both academics and sports. Edge Golf College, situated in Troia, Portugal, is a bespoke and specialist College that provides exceptional facilities and training programs for young golfers to pursue their passion for golf. The affiliation with Minerva's Virtual Academy ensures that students under the age of 18 can continue with their education while training and competing in one of the world's leading golf performance environments.

Edge Golf College's world-renowned coaches and support staff help students hone their skills and develop their game to reach their full potential. The centre has excellent facilities, including access to a Robert Trent Jones Snr Championship course and the brand-new Dunas Course, driving ranges, short-game areas, multiple putting greens, which allow students to train and compete throughout the winter. Moreover, Edge offers a unique environment for young golfers to live, learn, and compete with fellow aspiring golfers from all over the world.

The partnership with Minerva's Virtual Academy will provide Edge Golf College students with a flexible and globally accessible education, enabling them to continue their studies while training and competing in Portugal. Minerva's Virtual Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum from Year 7 to Y13, taught by expert teachers who provide personalised instruction and support. The online school provides a flexible learning experience, allowing students to study at their own pace and schedule, and access a high-quality education from anywhere in the world.

Neil Connolly, Head of Education and Performance, enthused about the relationship, “We are passionate about this partnership, and we look forward to working closely with Minerva’s Virtual Academy to create a viable high-performance pathway for young golfers to transition from high school to Edge and then to the Tour.”

Fabian Spiess, Elite Athlete Education Officer at MVA; We’re very excited to forge this partnership with Edge Golf College. After multiple conversations with Neil, it is clear that Edge has a passion for supporting and developing young golfers to the best of their abilities. By working together, we can ensure young golfers who embark on this journey, receive an education that is adaptable around their golfing schedule whilst being accessible anywhere in the world. We know how conditions can be during the winter months in the U.K., having an education accessible from anywhere, players can continue playing and training overseas during these winter months.

In conclusion, the partnership between Minerva's Virtual Academy and Edge Golf College is an excellent opportunity for young golfers to pursue their passion, for golf, while continuing their education. The collaboration offers a unique environment for students to train, learn, and compete, and the flexible school ensures they can keep up with their studies without sacrificing their passion for golf. Edge Golf College, through their training and WAGR Championships, provides an elite pathway for young golfers to develop their skills, and the affiliation with Minerva's Virtual Academy opens up new avenues for students to achieve their full potential in both academics and sports.

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