MVA Partners with Sports Legal Team to Help Young Athletes Succeed

Oct 4, 2023
1 min

At Minerva's Virtual Academy, we believe in building long-term, genuine partnerships that cater to the unique needs of our student-athletes who strive for excellence in both their sports and academics. It is with this commitment in mind that we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Lawrence Stephens, a renowned legal firm with a leading sports entertainment law team. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide comprehensive support to our athletes, ensuring they have every tool they need to succeed.

Sol Rolls Tyson, an Elite Athlete Education Officer at Minerva's Virtual Academy, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, "We are more than happy to join forces with Lawrence Stephens to create a supportive environment for our athletes. This collaboration is driven by our shared vision of empowering young talents and providing them with the best possible opportunities in the sporting industry."

William Bowyer, a sports and entertainment lawyer at Lawrence Stephens, explained, "Lawrence Stephens’ leading Sports and Entertainment Team have significant experience advising elite and junior athletes on their legal and commercial issues. We act on some of the highest-profile matters within the sport and consistently look to add value for our clients beyond assisting with their legal matters. Our individual clients include professional footballers, karters, GT drivers, formula/single-seat drivers, boxers, tennis players, and golfers. We advise on agency/management deals, sponsorship, seat/racing deals, image rights structuring, employment contracts, disputes, and much more. We are delighted to be working with Minerva to assist their students in reaching their true potential in their chosen sport"

In joining hands with Lawrence Stephens, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering and nurturing the dreams of our student-athletes. Together, we are determined to create a brighter future for these exceptional individuals, one that blends academic excellence with sporting success. As we unite in the spirit of empowerment, innovation, and protection, we look forward to witnessing the incredible journeys and achievements of our athletes. The horizon is limitless, and the future is bright.

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