Minerva's Virtual Academy Announces Strategic Partnership with Dukes Meadows RPDC to Provide Flexible Online Education For Young Players

Jul 5, 2023
1 min

Minerva's Virtual Academy (MVA) is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with the LTA-approved Regional Player Development Centre, Dukes Meadows Tennis Academy, located in Chiswick, London. The collaboration between both organisations aims to support the education of players enrolled at Dukes Meadows Tennis Academy by providing a flexible online learning programme that can be managed alongside the academy's full-time tennis programme.

Dukes Meadows Tennis Academy is one of only 15 LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) regional player development centres in the United Kingdom. With the support of Minerva's Virtual Academy, players at Dukes Meadows will have the opportunity to access a high-quality online education that is accessible and flexible around the players' rigorous training schedules.

"We are thrilled to partner with Dukes Meadows Tennis Academy" said Fabian, Elite Athlete Education Officer at MVA.

“As an ex-professional athlete myself, I am passionate about providing student-athletes with the tools they need to succeed both on and off the court. By collaborating with Dukes Meadows, MVA aims to support these talented tennis players in reaching their full potential off the court with an education that can be managed and flexed around their tennis schedule."

Through the collaboration, MVA and Dukes Meadows staff will work closely together to ensure players enrolled in both programmes manage an academic calendar and perform in the classroom without compromising their tennis schedules. 

"We are delighted to join forces with Minerva's Virtual Academy" -  said Neil, Director of Tennis at Dukes Meadows Tennis Academy.

 "Education plays a crucial role in the development of our players, and this partnership will provide them with the flexibility and support they need to excel in their tennis careers while receiving a top-quality education. We look forward to working closely with Minerva's Virtual Academy and maximising the potential of our players."

By combining their expertise, resources, and dedication to athlete development, both organisations aim to empower young players to pursue their dreams whilst ensuring academic success.

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