Minerva's Virtual Academy Partners with Down the Line Tennis Academy to Develop Full-time Tennis Programme

Jun 23, 2023

In an exciting collaboration aimed at supporting the education of young tennis players, Minerva's Virtual Academy has joined forces with Down the Line Tennis Academy in Yorkshire. This partnership will give tennis players in the Yorkshire region the opportunity to pursue their professional aspirations while receiving a high-quality full-time education that accommodates their rigorous training schedules.

Down the Line Tennis Academy has established itself as a leading tennis academy for aspiring players, offering world-class coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and a nurturing environment for talent development. Recognising the importance of a well-rounded education, the academy sought a partner that could provide a flexible learning solution without compromising the athletes' training commitments.

Renowned for its accessible and flexible education, and already supporting over 50 athletes, MVA proved to be the ideal partner. The collaboration between Minerva's Virtual Academy and Down the Line Tennis Academy aims to provide a seamless experience for the students. By closely working together, the academies will ensure that the athletes enrolled in the full-time program receive a quality education that aligns with their tennis commitments. This holistic approach emphasises the importance of balanced development and acknowledges the unique needs of student-athletes.

MVA’s Elite Athlete Education Officer, Fabian, said;

“We’re delighted to be partnering and working closely with Down the Line Tennis Academy. It’s a fantastic tennis academy in York with incredible facilities that I have witnessed first-hand.  The academy was founded by Rowan due to his passion for tennis
and with the LTA Regional Player Development Centre in the area recently closing, the academy provides a fantastic base for aspiring players in Yorkshire to continue with their development as young athletes. Working closely together will enable more players in the area to commit to their full-time programme.

We’re incredibly grateful to be partnering with them and supporting their daughter Ava as well as other players at the academy, with their education”.

Down The Line Tennis Academy Manager, Nicky, said;

“We are excited to announce a collaboration with Minerva’s Virtual Academy. This is a great opportunity for any junior players wanting to do a full-time programme without compromising on their academic education”.

For further information on Down the Line Tennis Academy, click here.

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