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From Our Online Classroom to Outer Space: MVA's Incredible Student Experience

Jul 28, 2023
3 min
Education should be an adventure - a journey of exploration, discovery, and growth. We're creating a world where every student gets to craft their own incredible experience.

For those stuck on the image of Online School as an isolated and impersonal space, let's delve into how MVA is rewriting this narrative.

Flexible learning is at the core of our approach. We offer a dynamic platform that allows our students to define their own journey. This could mean starting your own global conservation charity like Nika, or steering towards a career in F1 racing, like Freddie. Maybe you dream of representing your country in Eurovision, like Victor. Our structure enables each student to mould their own experience, building a school day that fits their ambitions; it’s all about bringing autonomy back into education.

MVA student Victor representing Greece in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

Key to our model is the emphasis on our unique 1-1 personal mentoring programme. Each week, every student connects with their mentor, someone who is there to provide guidance and help navigate both their academic journey and personal growth. This personal touch is one way we're reshaping the entire school experience - putting the mental wellbeing of our young people at the core of school life. But it's not all work and no play at MVA.

We encourage students to form and lead clubs based on their shared interests. These groups provide opportunities for students to connect, lead, and explore their passions, creating a vibrant and engaged student body despite geographical distances. However, life at MVA is not confined to a screen. We're big on bringing our students together in real life too! We set up fun meet-ups, workshops, and even field trips in bustling London and other cool spots around the globe. Our students get to meet their peers, work on projects together, and build friendships. It's all part of making sure the MVA experience has the best of both worlds - online and offline.

MVA students in Battersea Park with Deputy Head Jack

Our 'World Changer' programme truly sets us apart. It's all about engaging students directly with real-world issues. Within this environment of innovation and problem-solving, students become change-makers. They're not just bystanders learning about the world's challenges; they're active participants, ready and eager to make a difference.

Last year, our 'World Changer' programme led to an unforgettable student experience that reached beyond our online classrooms - all the way into space. In collaboration with SpaceX and the International Space Station (ISS), our students devised hypotheses for experiments that could be conducted in microgravity conditions.

Out of the many entries worldwide, two MVA students emerged winners, securing a spot for their experiment on a SpaceX rocket bound for space in 2024 - not long left of eagerly awaiting the big day! Imagine being a school student and seeing your work launched into the cosmos… Opportunities like these highlight how MVA offers experiences that can rival and even surpass those found in traditional schooling.

The winning MVA students of the ISSET World Changers Competition

At MVA, we're committed to crafting an incredible student experience, one where individuality thrives and dreams know no boundaries. Whether it's providing the tools for a student-run club or facilitating projects that literally shoot for the stars, our aim is to ensure our students have access to exceptional learning experiences.

So, if you're considering an Online School, look beyond the misconceptions. At MVA, our classrooms might be virtual, but our student experiences are genuine, dynamic, and sometimes even out-of-this-world. Through a mix of innovative programmes, one-on-one mentoring, and student-led initiatives, we ensure every day at MVA is an opportunity for our students to thrive.

We’re setting a new standard for education, creating learning experiences like no other.

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