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High Altitudes and High Achievements: MVA at the GB Snowsports Alpine Championships

Apr 23, 2024
3 min

The Easter break was a standout for us at Minerva's Virtual Academy (MVA) as we joined our students and the GB Snowsports team out in the French Alps in Tignes. As the Social & Community Manager at MVA, I had the fantastic opportunity to see our educational philosophy in action, supporting our students who are not only pursuing their studies but also their dreams in elite sports.

Our partnership with GB Snowsports is crucial, helping us tailor education to fit the dynamic lives of elite skiers. Alongside Hugo Davison, our Head of Growth, and Hugh Viney, our Founder and CEO, we watched our students compete, connected with our MVA families and welcomed new parents interested in what MVA offers their young athletes.

Hugh shared his excitement about MVA's growing presence in the snow sports community: "For the last two years, we've grown from supporting two athletes to nearly 150. This year, being present at the championships was a revelation—seeing our school finally tap into the ski community, which we've long aspired to. It felt similar to when we first connected with the karting community, sparking the same level of enthusiasm and subsequent enrolments."

The response from parents new to the concept of online schooling was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed relief and excitement upon discovering their child could pursue rigorous training schedules without compromising their education. MVA's flexible schooling model resonates deeply with the unique challenges faced by young athletes, offering a balance of academic rigour and the freedom to excel in their sports. This revelation for parents underscored the transformative impact MVA could have on their child’s life and future.

Amidst the excitement of the championships, we had a delightful surprise encounter with one of our young entrepreneurs and talented snowboarder, who happened to spot us on social media while vacationing in Val d'Isère over the Easter break. It's moments like these that highlight the unexpected joys of being part of a global online community.

The highlight of our visit was the prize-giving ceremony, where Hugh's role was particularly significant. "Handing out prizes is always a highlight for me; it’s a chance to meet these amazingly talented athletes and reward their hard work and dedication. This year, seeing our students receive huge cheques sponsored by MVA was incredibly rewarding. They truly deserve it for performing at the top levels in their age categories."

Reflecting on our time in Tignes, it's evident that MVA is more than just a school—we're a community that flexes to meet the unique needs of each student. Whether it's a student battling anxiety in a traditional school setting or a young skier competing on the slopes, MVA provides an educational platform that supports their dreams and academic success.

Our trip was a powerful affirmation of our mission: to offer flexible, high-quality education that doesn’t just accommodate but celebrates the diverse needs of our students. For parents of elite skiers looking to ensure their child’s education keeps pace with their athletic aspirations, we invite you to discover how MVA can be the game-changer you’ve been seeking.

Are you a parent of an aspiring elite skier who needs a school that can keep up with your child’s pace both on and off the slopes? Book a discovery call with us today and learn how MVA can support your athlete’s journey to excellence.

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