Community Meetups

Bringing Our Global Community Together In Battersea Park

Apr 1, 2022
1 min

On Saturday 26th March our pupils and teachers travelled cross-country to attend our largest school meet up yet. From monkeying around on a tree-top adventure at Go-Ape to testing the waters in Battersea Park with a boat engineering competition.

Our latest school trip saw pupils travel from as far as Italy and a teacher all the way from Dubai which makes this our most international meet up to date - consolidating just how amazing our global community really is.  

MVA pupils from around the world preparing to make the jump into the unknown...

At Minerva's Virtual Academy we strive to create a community that not only flourishes in the virtual world but also in-person too. The end-of-term activity day allowed our pupils to build stronger friendships and enjoy some time outside of the 'classroom' to celebrate the wonderful school term that has just passed.  

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