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A New Chapter: Celebrating MVA's First Year 13 Graduation Day

Sep 7, 2024
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Ever wondered what the future of education looks like? Last week, MVA gave us a peek into that future with our very first Year 13 Graduation Day, and it was nothing short of inspiring. Held at the historic St Andrew's Church in Holborn, Central London, this event brought together a global community of students, celebrating their achievements in a way that only MVA can.

Imagine students from London, Manchester, Poland, France, Spain, and Luxembourg gathering in person while their classmates from Uganda, Rwanda, and Montenegro joined online. The ceremony, hosted by Lawrence Tubb, Head of Innovation, and Matthew Morris, Head of Sixth Form, was a reflection on the past and a celebration of the future. These young adults, having completed their A Levels through MVA's innovative and flexible model, are now set to embark on new journeys at universities worldwide.

Year 13 students together in-person and virtually

One of our graduates summed up the essence of MVA perfectly. "There's such a beautiful community of people," she said. "Although we're across the world from each other, a lot of us are very much connected. It's been an amazing experience as a whole.” Our curriculum is designed for the 21st century and offers a modern, adaptable learning experience. Whether you're an athlete, an entrepreneur, an artist, or someone who thrives outside the traditional classroom, MVA provides the support and resources you need to succeed.

Matthew Morris, reflecting on the journey to graduation day, said, “10-11 months ago, it was just an idea to have an in-person graduation. Seeing it come to life today, with students from all over the world, is truly incredible.” This commitment to innovation and community is what sets MVA apart.

Many people worry that online schooling might not hold the same weight as traditional sixth forms or colleges. However, the reality is quite different. Our students develop exceptional self-discipline and have ample time for extracurricular activities, resulting in outstanding outcomes. In 2024, MVA Sixth Form students have secured offers from prestigious UK universities such as Glasgow University, York University, and Durham University. Internationally, our students have achieved incredible milestones, including an unconditional offer to the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), a prestigious sports scholarship to the United States, and one pursuing the European Diplom+ qualification. These achievements prove that our flexible, student-centric approach sets the stage for bright futures.

The MVA class of 2024

Curious about what makes MVA special? Check out our graduation day video for a glimpse into our world. If you’re considering an alternative to traditional education, MVA’s Sixth Form could be the perfect fit.

Click here to learn all about life at MVA Sixth Form.

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