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MVA Teams Up with MotorsportUK: Racing Ahead with Education

Nov 8, 2023
2 mins
We've always been all about providing a cutting-edge education that meets the unique needs of every student at Minerva's Virtual Academy. Today, we're ecstatic to announce our recent partnership with MotorsportUK, the esteemed organisation steering the British F4 Championship and the British Kart Championships.

At MVA, we've noticed a rising demand within the motorsport sector for a more adaptable educational solution. Whether you're accelerating on the racetrack or delving into iGCSEs, we understand the pressure young athletes face. Through this partnership, we aim to equip British F4 and BKC racers with the tools they need to shine in both arenas. Our approach allows young racers to access lesson replays, learn on their own schedule, and maintain a personal connection with an athlete mentor.

To understand the real-world benefits of this partnership, look no further than one of our standout students Dion Gowda - an F4 driver who's been thriving at MVA. This promising young driver juggles between intense racing schedules and demanding academic requirements, and their success story speaks volumes. 

Sol Rolls-Tyson, our Elite Athlete Education Officer, notes, "I've had the honour of mentoring young drivers at MVA. This partnership with MotorsportUK is a fantastic opportunity to extend these benefits to more young racers across Europe."

Adding to this sentiment, Lawrence Tubb, our Headmaster, commented on the past challenges young athletes faced. He states, "We aim to redefine online learning standards. With our partnership with MotorsportUK, we're set to welcome many passionate racers this September."

Ready to Join the MVA Racing Team?

If you're ready to join the MVA family and take advantage of this partnership, don't miss our virtual 'MVA For Athletes' Open Event on 18th August. Sign up now and learn more about how MVA is revolutionising education for young athletes.

And remember, the race to enrol ends on August 25th, with our new school year starting on September 4th!

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