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Curtain Calls and Arcade Halls in Sheffield

Oct 22, 2023
2 min

On our recent school trip, we visited Sheffield, a city known for its mix of creativity and technology. It's always incredible getting the opportunity to provide our students with hands-on experiences beyond their regular classroom activities.

The trip began with a visit to the famous Crucible Theatre. This theatre is renowned for its significant role in the performing arts. Our students took a tour of the theatre, learning about the various aspects of stage production, followed by a practical session in the prop-making workshop, where they made foam fish, offering them a glimpse into the creativity and skills required in theatre production.

We also visited the theatre's costume department. This was an opportunity for the students to see the extensive collection of costumes and understand the history and effort behind costume design. They observed professionals at work and saw costumes used in well-known productions, including 'Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.'

Our next stop was the National Video Game Museum. This was a shift from the performing arts to the interactive and evolving field of video gaming. The museum showcased a variety of video games from different eras, allowing students to see the development of gaming technology and to also give our senior leaders the chance to show our students how it's done on the retro arcade games. The museum shop was a definite highlight for many students who discovered, and had to get their hands on, one of the Pikachu hats on offer.

The trip ended with our return journey, reflecting on the day filled with new experiences and learning. This excursion was beneficial for the students as it allowed them to experience different cultural and creative fields, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of arts and technology.

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