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What GCSE subjects do you teach?

There are SIX core subjects for Year 9,  10 and 11 pupils at Minerva's Virtual Academy. They are Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Pupils can also take up to three additional GCSEs, choosing from Business Studies. Geography, History, Computer Science, Psychology, French and Spanish. Please note these options may not be available for all year groups. For 2o21 we have also added Art and Music GCSE's, they can only be taken if resident in the UK. They carry an extra cost because lessons are delivered weekly rather than fortnightly so pupils benefit from twice the amount of live lessons. This is necessary because of the high proportion of practical, creative work required in these subjects.

What exam boards do you follow?

We follow the iGCSE exam board, set by Cambridge Assessment and Pearson Edexcel. iGCSEs are becoming one of the most popular exam boards in the UK. You do not have to be a British National, nor reside in the UK, to achieve these qualifications.

Is it possible to study subjects that aren’t on the list?

Private tuition can be arranged for any pupils who wish to take extra subjects, or need extra help with subjects they find challenging. We currently have pupils studying for additional iGCSE's in Mandarin and Economics. One of our pupils is also studying for A Level French (in this case the pupil is already more advanced than iGCSE French).

What A Level subjects do you teach?

Our A Level programme has not launched yet but is coming in 2022. Check back in Autumn 2021 or email [email protected] and we'll let you know when it's ready!

How are the subjects taught?

The subjects are taught through a mixture of live group lessons with other pupils and a teacher, and self-learning through our Virtual Learning Platform. Pupils work through most of the material on their own, but are also supported by a personal mentor, who ensures they stay on track and remain motivated. 

What about exams?

Pupils of the Academy sit official exams and receive official results just like at "normal" school. The difference is they are registered as "private candidates" and will visit their local exam centres when the time comes. We help organise this, but it's worth noting that each exam also comes with a separate entrance fee.