"Class of 10,000" campaign aims to bring UK students back to education

Apr 17, 2023
3 min
Thousands of children missing out on schooling with the real cost to the taxpayer unknown.

Our recent campaign to get 10,000 children back into education is gathering momentum...

A recent study by Minerva's Virtual Academy (MVA) has found that over 890,000 children in England suffer from persistent absenteeism from traditional schools. This issue affects a wide range of students, from those with mental health difficulties to those with complex additional needs.

To address this problem, MVA has launched the "Class of 10,000" campaign in partnership with education charity Square Peg, with the goal of getting 10,000 children from each UK local authority back into learning.

However, local authorities are often hesitant to utilise online education as an alternative. The government has recently issued new guidance stating that remote learning should only be considered as a "last resort" and should not be viewed as an equal alternative to attendance in school. Nevertheless, online schooling can be a viable option for many children who face barriers to attending school or those who thrive outside of a traditional school environment.

MVA's Class of 10,000 campaign is an opportunity to address persistent absenteeism and help children who are currently missing out on full-time education. Online schools can provide a solution for children who need more flexibility or support than traditional schools can offer. It's time for local authorities and the government to recognise the value of online education in addressing these issues.

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